Sediment and debris causing flooding around culvert in Florence neighborhood


FLORENCE, Ala. — When storm clouds roll in, residents on Houston Street in Florence must keep their guards up.

One man reached out to WHNT News 19 to tell us about flooding caused by an overgrown, debris-filled culvert.

Ronnie Dickey said he’s contacted the City of Florence several times in the past to clear out the debris, however, nothing has been done.

“They’re trying to say, ‘well, we’ve got to send a surveyor out there,’ but they’re the one that dug the trench years ago before all this water flowed,” Dickey said.

Residents say flooding wasn’t always an issue because the area was once routinely maintained—but in recent years, it has gone untouched.

Dickey and other residents have also complained that flooding attracts mosquitos and has even caused damage to some homes.

Dickey said he has no interest in legal action against the city—he simply wants something done to prevent the flooding from causing continued problems in the neighborhood.

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