School board leaders in the Shoals meet to talk policy making

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) –   School board members across northwest Alabama met for their winter meeting Monday.

The topic was “Looking Behind the Curtain: Who is Influencing Education Reform?” — learning who exactly is involved in policy making in education.

Alabama Association of School Board Executive Director Sally Howell and Lissa Tucker, the director of governmental relations, were presenting. Some main points: letting members know who the major players are in policy making and the current legislative issues.

“The policy landscape has changed significantly over the last ten years,” said Howell. “There are more players and groups involved in education policy making than ever before.”

Howell knows first hand how policies are made and how school board members throughout the state have a role in the decision-making process. She’s working with board members in the Shoals to help influence education reform.

They were also discussing goals for this legislative session.

“We’re looking at making sure we fund the key programs in K-12 to make sure that the growth in the education trust fund is committed to teachers.”

Another big topic Monday night was fixing the problem in the state’s general fund.

“Normally in education we just focus on education issues, but because the problems facing this state, particularly the general fund, are so great school leaders are very concerned.”

Some of those school board members spent Monday night trying to find a solution to the funding issues.