Scavenger hunters criss-cross Florence as part of an educational outreach

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s a game going around Florence to highlight the history of the city.

It’s a rather large scavenger hunt and the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library is hosting it to not only educate, but bring attention to their vast archive.

If you’ve been walking or driving around the streets of Florence you may have spotted some rather large posters set up.

They’re photos of historic locations which helped shape a growing community, and part of the digital archives being housed in the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library.

“We’re not all about books like we use to be. So, showing people how we’re a place for learning, we’re a place to provide educational resources and so history is a big part of that for our community,” explained Abby Carpenter, Adult Services Director with the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library.

And to get even more attention, the library decided to make a game of it. Library staff picked ten locations to create the “Florence History Scavenger Hunt.” And to make it interesting, secret words have been attached to each poster. The response so far has been overwhelming.

“We’re really glad to have that kind of community involvement,” stated Clint Alley, digital archivist at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library. “It’s really great and we hope that people learn something about their own backyards too, while they’re at it.”

Hunters collect the secret words, which form a phrase, and turn it in to the library for a grand prize drawing.

Follow this link to learn more information about the scavenger hunt which continues through next week.

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