SB14 has law enforcement statewide concerned over concealed weapons

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Law enforcement officers are opposing a state bill which has passed the Senate and is now on its way to the House of Representatives for consideration.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department has seen a sharp increase in the number of pistol permits being requested through their office.

Right now, having a permit is the law if you want to carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle.  That could change, however, if the House goes along with Senate Bill 14.

Sheriff Rick Singleton is a proponent of the right to bear arms, but opposes this legislation.

“I personally don’t believe that’s restricted to just your home or property,” explained Singleton. “But, then the flip-side of that is the permit is a tool for law enforcement.”

Singleton said his team doesn’t worry about law-abiding citizens who have permits.  They are concerned about people who plan to harm others.

Sheriff Singleton said he has heard stories of tragedy being averted because someone didn’t have a conceal carry permit.

“Had a man who called his ex-wife and said he was coming over to kill her and the kids. The officers intercepted him on the way, he had a pistol with him and he didn’t have a permit and that was the only charge they had,” Singleton recalled.

Singleton said he sees both sides, but he agrees with the overwhelming majority of sheriffs across the state who are opposed to this bill.

Senate Bill 14 passed the State Senate this week and is now headed to the Alabama House for consideration. A similar bill last year failed to gain traction and died before being voted on.

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