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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The residents of Rogersville have voted and the town will go wet.

Just 77 votes separated the decision.

Election results show 290 people voted in favor of having alcohol sold in the town.

However, 213 people didn’t want the change.

Several business owners say the alcohol sales will be a big boost to revenue.

Joe Warren has owned and operated the Warren’s BP gas station along Highway 72 for the past 35 years.

A lot has changed during the past three decades, but Warren says allowing alcohol sales in Rogersville, is a modern day movement needed to keep his business competitive.

“Everybody was ready to catch up with times, catch up with the towns around us,” said Warren.

Warren says 12,000 cars pass by every day the BP gas station every day, and Warren wants a piece of their business.

“It’s something that`s not going to hurt anything,” said Warren.  “Athens went wet 10, 12 years ago and now it’s just a staple, you got to have it.  You got to have it to survive in a small town.”

Warren expects a boost in business by about 30 percent and with that extra income he plans to expand his store.

The Rogersville town clerk says the city attorney will draft the ordinance to change the law.

Business owners hope to be selling alcohol within the next 90 days.