Rogersville Volunteer Fire Department participates in training at Joe Wheeler State Park Marina


LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — The Rogersville Volunteer Fire Department prepared for training Monday evening at the Joe Wheeler State Park Marina. It was a combined effort with the volunteer firefighters and crews from Joe Wheeler.

Normally the department has a similar training in the spring, but because of the deadly dock fire in Scottsboro, officials felt it was best to have it sooner.

“We’re going to meet with the officials there at Joe Wheeler to sort of get our mind around what we’ve got out there, anything new that’s come across, and maybe learn some things that happened at the Scottsboro fire that we could possibly use to keep that from happening here,” said Assistant Fire Chief Morris Lentz.

Part of the training included measuring the length of the fire hoses in comparison to the length of the docks and improving response times.

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