Rogersville uses alcohol revenues to make improvements for residents

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - In 2012, citizens in the town of Rogersville approved the sale of alcohol in their town. At the time council members vowed to use the revenue from alcohol sales to improve the quality of life for its residents.

Tucked in behind Rogersville’s Town Hall now sits a huge community storm shelter. Crews put the shelter in place last week.

Before it’s operational, workers must install a restroom and back-up generator. Town leaders said this was possible because of the sale of alcohol.

“We decided a while back that we would take this alcohol money and try to use it to help all of the citizens of our town,” explained Mayor Richard Herston. “Safety being one of our main issues we were thrilled to death to be able to do this.”

Mayor Herston is proud to tell you this $70,000 project is paid for. The town didn’t have to go into debt or get grants to help with the funding.

The shelter itself can hold up to 160 people if the need arises. And if the past is any indication, this shelter will get plenty of use by the 1,500 residents who call Rogersville home.

“They used to say we were in the 'Tornado Belt' I think right through here. So we need safety shelters and who knows we may need another one, we’ll see how this one goes,” Herston stated.

Mayor Herston said the sale of alcohol has really helped town leaders add to the quality of life by creating funds to pave and construct other projects. And if they deem it necessary to install a second shelter, they have the money in the bank.

Rogersville’s new storm shelter is the first of its kind in Lauderdale County and will be ready for use in the coming days.