Rogersville residents collaborate on how to get better internet and cell service in town

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala, — When you’re in the town of Rogersville, chances are you’ll be stuck staring at the loading wheel of any website you visit on your smartphone.

The town is notorious with locals for having lackluster cell reception and internet. Business owner Alan Jaynes said he had enough, prompting him to start the “Better Cell Service for Rogersville” Facebook group.

“A lot of people in our community constantly complain and we all know that it’s an issue,” Jaynes said. “Last week, I’m sitting in the office and I just thought to myself, you know, I need to work on getting some people together in a group that would actually be interested in doing something about the problem and not just complaining about the problem.”

In just one week, the group already has more than 500 members. For its first course of action, members are reaching out to State Representative for District 2, Lynn Greer.

Rogersville Mayor Richard Herston said the poor service is affecting the local economy with some business owners looking to relocate to areas with better internet.

“You talk to any business around here about their internet service and they’ll tell you, most of them will tell you, hey, it’s a real problem,” Mayor Herston said.

Jaynes said the Facebook group isn’t set up to bad mouth or point fingers at any elected official but to bring the community together to collaborate and find answers.

“Everybody, hopefully, involved in that community wants to come together to bring change and as we find next steps, that’s going to take a large amount of people, I’m going to just use that group, hopefully, to point all that energy to fixing that problem by going to that next step,” Jaynes said.

Representative Greer’s office said he was made aware of the Facebook group. He was in Montgomery on Monday and said he will see what he can do.

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