ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Residents at an apartment building in Lauderdale County say the conditions they’re living in are unacceptable. People say they feel neglected by their property management after months of pleading with them to address the issues.

Those living at Elk River Village Apartments in Rogersville like Beth Trousdale say they’ve had enough.

Trousdale, who is disabled says for her and her son, it’s been a struggle living in her unit.

“I’m faced with a roach and bug infestation, I’m faced with bed bug infestation.,” Trousdale told News 19 “There are holes in the walls. I want to live in a normal living room I want to have a normal kitchen. I don’t have much I just want us to have a somewhat normal life.”

Trousdale says the bed bugs and roaches in her apartment have caused an unjust living situation that she says has made her life at home extremely difficult.

“We’re living in the kitchen and the living room in air mattresses and living out of totes,” Trousdale said.

That’s because the apartment has sent pest control to her home multiple times, but attempts to get rid of the bugs have been unsuccessful. It’s why most of her belongings are outside her home.

Her brother Kelvin Kelley says he’s tried to fix things like the holes in the wall that are filled with mold, however, the apartment has prevented him from doing any sort of repairs.

“This stuff needs to be taken care of I mean get it livable I’ve seen animals that live in better conditions than this and I don’t like it but there’s nothing I can do about it. They won’t let me do anything I hate to see them going through this,” Kelley said.

Trousdale says she feels neglected by property management after begging them to address the many issues she’s faced including her unit being without air conditioning.

“I’m tired of the roach bugs they crawl on me at night because they’re all on the floor,” she said. “I need you [management] to step up be professional help us I’ve begged I’ve pleaded you know step up and get this fixed. They would not want their grandchildren or children living with bed bugs or bugs crawling on them at night.”

News 19 reached out to Sunbelt, the property management company based in Albertville that manages Elk River Village Apartments, however, they did not respond for comment before publication.