Renovations underway for nonprofit organization’s youth center in Sheffield


SHEFFIELD, Ala. — In the former Southwest Elementary School building in Sheffield, you’ll find the Rescue Me Project Mega Center.

The Rescue Me Project is an organization that looks to instill hope in the lives of young people through public speaking, mentoring, education, and more.

The organization has been working diligently since October to renovate the mega center. Once completed, Rescue Me Project President Dewayne Malone said the center will be another way to amplify the organization’s impact.

“We believe in giving the kids something nice, something that they can enjoy, and just like the rest of our facility, they can learn at the same time,” Malone said.

The first stop on a tour of the center was the kitchen area, which has been set up in the style of a coffee shop. However, instead of a menu and prices above the counter, you’ll find motivational phrases.

There’s also a game room. “The whole key concept is the LED lighting,” Malone said. “We want to put in surround sound—preferably get some more flat screens and game systems.”

Down the hall, you’ll find the therapeutic writing and production room.

“If you’re interested in writing books, music, anything like that, poetry, we have different facilitators to come in and this is the room that we kind of implement that,” Malone said.

Malone said there is a purpose for every feature inside the center.

“It’s very important for the kids to have a place where they can go and feel accepted, to feel that they can just be who they are, and who they are created to be,” he said. “We try to show them that.”

In doing so, Malone said it creates a safe place for young people where doors are always open, and judgments are cast aside.

As a nonprofit organization, the Rescue Me Project and its programs are funded through donations. To learn more and to donate, click here.

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