Renovations begin for the Florence Fire Department headquarters

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FLORENCE, Ala. — The Florence Fire Department headquarters is going through some changes. If the construction trailer and dumpster out front wasn’t enough of a giveaway, you'll definitely notice when you walk through the door.

It’s all part of Mayor Steve Holt’s plan to restore city buildings that are in use 24/7. He notes the amount of wear and tear they sustain over time.

Chief Jeffrey Perkins says construction on station 1 will be split into two phases. The first being the firefighters’ living quarters and dining areas.

"Once that’s complete, the personnel can move to that area, as the construction workers work their way back," said Chief Perkins.

The firefighters have moved into the vehicle bay temporarily, but they appear to be adjusting well.

The second phase will be the administrative offices.

“We’re starting with the roof," said Mayor Holt. "We’ll go all the way down to the foundation and do everything in between to make sure that it’s completely renovated and good for another 20 years."

He adds that in the next fiscal year, the main floor of the Florence Police Station will also be renovated, and Chief Perkins will decide on which fire station will be next. Mayor Holt expects all five fire stations to be renovated within five years.

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