COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s now been ten days since a man fell into the Tennessee River when his boat capsized — and officials are still searching for his body.

Now, that recovery effort has been extended.

63-year-old Daniel Hamm was fishing with his teenage grandson at the time of the incident. The teen was saved, but Hamm was not. Agencies have been using SONAR and other technologies to search for his body.

Michael Smith, the director of the Colbert County 911 and Emergency Management Agency, said they originally planned to scale back efforts on Sunday, February 5. However, they’ve extended that deadline after receiving help from the Daphne Search and Rescue Team.

“They arrived during the night last night and were here early this morning,” Smith explained. “We wanted to be here to support them as well. So as long as they’re willing to be here, we’ll continue operations in some form or fashion.”

Smith said he’s disappointed in the result so far and they’ll continue to provide support until Hamm’s body is found.

“It’s literally a needle in a haystack in the Tennessee River,” Smith told News 19. “It’s really discouraging to not… be able to come out and complete a mission in the timeframe we want to complete it — and bring some closure to the family.”

After Colbert County authorities have discontinued their recovery effort, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will continue to scan the water surface daily.