FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — Sundance Property Management in Florence recently sent a letter asking all tenants of the Gilbert Court Apartments to move out of their homes.

In that April 25 letter, Sundance announced that all tenants on a month-to-month lease will have until June 1 to move out. All residents on a year-long lease will have until the end of their lease agreement to move.

The letter also says that they have a lease agreement in place with the University of North Alabama to convert those apartments into student housing.

Luke Marcum, a Gilbert Court resident, told News 19 that they have not been able to find any affordable options in the Florence area.

“Not only do I have to find a new place, I have to compete against all of my neighbors to find a new place,” Marcum said.

Antoine St. James, another resident, said they believe that Sundance did not give tenants enough time to find new homes.

“They took over and immediately after, they’re removing everyone,” St. James said. “It feels like gentrification, if there’s any other way to put that. It’s literally uprooting people so that you can raise the property value of the area.”

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Other residents, who wish to remain unnamed, say that many of their neighbors are elderly or have health issues that prevent them from moving efficiently.

Simone Graham told News 19 that she is seven months pregnant, which will make it exceptionally difficult to move into a new home.

“I’m obviously pregnant; what can I do?” Graham said. “I’d love to pitch in and help, but I can’t.”

News 19 has reached out to Sundance Property Management for a statement but has not received a response so far.