Peaceful protest held in Florence in response to the death of George Floyd


FLORENCE Ala. — Dozens of protestors gathered in downtown Florence Sunday afternoon in response to George Floyd’s death. Organizers said they were protesting racism and police brutality.

With signs and posters in hand, protesters of all ages and races let their voices be heard across downtown. Protestors met at the post office on Seminary Street and then marched to the Lauderdale County Courthouse on Court Street.

The event remained peaceful with Florence police assisting by blocking intersections while protestors marched. The organizer of the event, Dana Watts, said it’s important to get the message out everywhere, not just in Minnesota.

“It happens in every city in every state of this country, not just in Minnesota,” Watts said. “We are tired of it and we have all races standing out here; black, white, Hispanic, and we unified together to show that we can fight this together. And no one should be afraid just because their skin is dark; that’s not our problem, that’s the racists’ problem. We were born this way.”

The protest wasn’t hosted by any particular organization, just members of the community who wanted to unite and invoke change.

Watts said she doesn’t know when she’ll plan another protest but expressed interest in getting people registered to vote at future demonstrations.

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