Parents to plan proms for students in Colbert County Schools


COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. — For the second year in a row, prom is looking different for Colbert County Schools.

In 2020, former superintendent Gale Satchel announced high school proms would be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. After hearing that, parents in the school system got together and organized their own events for the students.

Superintendent Chris Hand said because of the pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty last semester and no prom fundraisers were held. Due to a lack of funding, the parents are organizing proms for a second year.

“We’re just very thankful that our parents have been willing to step up and make sure that this is a major event each year,” Hand said. “We love for kids to have this opportunity. Even though this is not ideal, we certainly appreciate the fact that parents in our communities have stepped up to make sure these kids have this opportunity in this very difficult time that we’re living through right now.”

Superintendent Hand said the school board is looking forward to sitting down in the fall to make plans for proms and other events for the next school year.

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