Parent Brings Gun to Hibbett Middle School During Lunch with Child

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Florence City School administrators went on high alert this afternoon when a parent brought a gun onto campus.

Authorities say the father of a student was eating lunch with his child at Hibbett Middle School.  When the parent became unruly, the school resource officer escorted the man outside.

During a search, officers found a gun in the man’s waistband, which is a violation of the open carry law on school premises.

Florence city schools superintendent Janet Womack sent a call out to parents to inform parents of the incident, however, she says the situation was handled exactly according to protocol.

“Still school campuses are safe guarded, and are protected, those campuses I guess you could say are sacred from weapons being on campus, therefore it`s not acceptable,” said Womack.

The parent has been charged with public intoxication, having a pistol without a permit, and criminal trespassing.

Florence police say they will present the incident to the ATF for possible federal charges for having the pistol on school grounds.