Northwest-Shoals Community College disbursing CARES Act funds to qualifying students


MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. — Some students at Northwest-Shoals Community College will soon receive relief funds through the CARES Act.

College President Glenda Colagross announced that more than $1 million in CARES Act funds will be disbursed to more than 1400 eligible students. That’s around 46 percent of students enrolled during the Spring 2020 semester. The school said checks will be mailed to students by May 27.

“Most of the students are very excited, said Dr. Crystal Reed, Assistant Dean of Student Services. “They were not expecting this large of a refund check from the CARES money so many are very ecstatic. A lot are very grateful that their families needed this money right now whether it be due to loss of jobs or because of the bills that they incurred due to moving to an online presence.”

Students are considered eligible based on guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Education. Students who were enrolled in traditional classroom courses when COVID-19 measures were instituted and instruction was moved to either online or alternative delivery methods qualify.

For more information from the Department of Education, click here.

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