North Alabama Medical Center gives Thanksgiving onesies to newborns

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FLORENCE, Ala. — Thanksgiving is a day we expect to spend at home surrounded by family and friends—but hospital workers know that isn’t always the case.

“Being in the hospital sometimes can be a very stressful experience whether you’re a family member or a patient and very often with the staff around them we all have that tendency to want to be home and we also have that tendency to want to have a good time and bring a smile to our face,” said Barry Hawthorne, North Alabama Medical Center’s Chief Nursing Officer.

The staff at North Alabama Medical Center came up with the idea to give its youngest patients Thanksgiving graphic onesies celebrating their first holiday on Earth.

First-time mother Chelsea Strait, along with father Chris, appreciate the gesture. “It made me feel thankful for them because they’ve all been very helpful with us and it’s just nice to have nice people helping you,” the new mother said.

It’s also the hospital’s first Thanksgiving; it opened in December 2018. Chief Nursing Officer Barry Hawthorne says kind acts like this will continue on.

“People who are here during a holiday season like this, it can be a very stressful time for people so we just try to make sure that we are as kind and considerate and compassionate as we can be and accommodate the families as much as we possibly can,” said Hawthorne.

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