FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — While this heat feels uncomfortable for many, it can pose a serious health threat for some people in the Tennessee Valley.

Several non-profit organizations, including the Crossroads Community Outreach Program, have opened their doors to help people in need cool down.

“I would hate to be driving down the road one day and see one of the ones I know that come in here a lot, and to be legit passed out on the street,” said Caneysha Mixon, a volunteer for Crossroads Community Outreach Program. “Because of the heat, because they don’t have water, or they can’t cool off.”

Peter Chevalier, the organization’s director, said anywhere from 25 to 60 people come in off the streets to cool down every day. They’re offered water, air conditioning, and even showers upon arrival.

Volunteer Deonna Ricks said that she just tries to empathize with them.

“As yourself, you would want cool air,” Ricks told News 19. “You want to be hydrated. You want to be comfortable regardless of the situation that you’re in. It’s really a safe space.”

Crossroads is one of the only places in the Shoals where people in need can get away from the intense heat.

Other shelters that have cooling stations in the Shoals include the Sunrise Center in Sheffield and the Salvation Army homeless shelter in Florence.