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SHEFFIELD, Ala. — The investigation into the shooting that fatally injured Sheffield Police Sergeant Nick Risner continued on Tuesday.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is handling the investigation as that is standard protocol when police officers are involved.

ALEA sent out a press release with preliminary details over the weekend but as of Tuesday, the agency has not released any additional information or responded to News 19 requests.

News 19 continues to seek answers from ALEA on any possible updates.

Questions we’ve asked involve what many would believe to be basic information, including what charges the suspect, Brian Lansing Martin, faces following the shooting and Sergeant Risner’s death.

We’ve also asked if police body cameras were worn, and if so, were they rolling at the time of the shooting. We’ve asked about surveillance video, if nearby businesses like the Southgate Mall and Walmart—both on Avalon Avenue—captured the incident.

News 19 has reached out to multiple agencies including the Sheffield and Muscle Shoals police departments, the Colbert County District Attorney’s and Sheriff’s offices, and Governor Kay Ivey’s Office.

We’ve only received a response from Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson and Sheffield Police Chief Ricky Terry who said ALEA hasn’t released anything to their agencies as of Tuesday evening.

Questions for the Muscle Shoals Police Department relate to William Mealback Jr., the original victim from earlier on Friday who Martin allegedly shot and killed, pushing his body out of a vehicle onto Avalon Avenue in broad daylight.

As of Tuesday evening, it is unknown if ALEA is combining that investigation with the officer-involved shooting, or if the Muscle Shoals Police Department is handling it.

News 19 will continue to push for these answers in the coming days.