MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) – A nine-year-old boy is back home recovering after being attacked by a group of dogs.

Gavin Overton had to go through four hours of surgery after being attacked by several dogs earlier this month. He was forced to stay in the hospital for over five days.

Stephanie Overton, Gavin’s mother, told News 19 they’re very happy to have Gavin back home with his family.

“We’re super excited to have him home and definitely be out of that hospital room for sure,” Stephanie said. “We’re happy we get to be with our other kids and he gets to be with his brothers and sisters. That’s made him a lot happier too.”

Stephanie later said that she often thinks back to the day her son was attacked, but she’s thankful the incident wasn’t any worse.

“I’m happy to see him getting back to his normal self for sure. And it makes it a little easier that he’s made such a good comeback,” Stephanie said. “He’s really a tough kid.”

Stephanie told News 19 that the staff in the hospital was incredibly supportive of her family. Several nurses and doctors cheered for Gavin as he left the hospital.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for sure. I love how they spent time explaining things to him and make it so much easier on him. They really did make it much easier than it could have been,” Stephanie said.

The dogs that attacked Gavin have reportedly been put down, and the owner was arrested.