New Technology to Help Russellville Police

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The Russellville Police Department is getting a new tool that use’s technology to fight crime.

For years, Russellville Police have been faced with crime suspects giving false identification during an arrest. And according to Police Chief Chris Hargett, it takes hours of police work to prove the suspect is not who they say they are.

Explaining the process, Chief Hargett said "As soon as we roll your print, we can do a search and it's going to find you from six years ago. Then it will pop up who you was, a picture of you and everything."

Chief Hargett says that time consuming effort is now in the process of being streamlined. In the coming days and weeks, the department will have the capability of electronically scanning a person’s fingers into a computer.

Once the prints are processed, investigators will have access to the correct identification of the suspect in custody.

According to Chief Hargett, "If they've been arrested before, even though they may not have been arrested here, we will still know who they are."

Russellville police will also be able to submit the fingerprints to the Alabama Bureau of Investigations for further identification. Cutting down on the time Chief Hargett’s department will have to take identifying suspects.

The fingerprinting technology is being paid for through a partial state grant and local money designated by the Russellville City Council.

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