New Details: Cases against Tuscumbia murder suspects headed to grand jury

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) – Two men accused of murdering Tuscumbia teenager Kijana Freeman were in court Tuesday morning. Shackled and cuffed, Peter Capote and Thomas Hubbard were escorted in to the Colbert County Courthouse.

During the hearing, Tuscumbia Police Investigator Wes Holland testified to the events which unfolded the night of March 1st at Spring Creek Apartments.

Holland said under oath, informants led investigators to Benjamin Young, Peter Capote and Thomas Hubbard.

Holland stated his sources told him Hubbard was the mastermind behind a plot to kill Kijana Freeman, for allegedly stealing an Xbox from his residence in Muscle Shoals.

Defense attorneys state Hubbard cannot be placed at the scene at the time of the shooting.

“There is no evidence that puts my guy in the car when Mr. Freeman was shot,” explained defense attorney Jamy Poss. “The only thing they have are statements by two people who the officer on the stand referred to as not being trustworthy.”

During cross examination, Holland admitted surveillance video from Spring Creek Apartments could not positively ID who the shooters were that night. They could only see two men get out of a white truck behind Freeman’s vehicle.

Prosecutors did introduce evidence in which a possible gun used in the crime had been located. Investigator Holland said an informant inside the Colbert County Jail gave them information which led to a secluded place where the gun had been hidden. The jail is where Capote, Hubbard and Young are being held.

During the preliminary hearing Tuesday, investigators also said the Xbox in which Freeman was allegedly killed over, was in fact not the same one stolen from Thomas Hubbard.

Suspect Peter Capote had a statement for the family of Kijana Freeman as he returned to the jail. “I just feel bad for the family. Sorry if they think I did something. May God be with them,” said Capote.

The cases against Hubbard and Capote have both been bound over to an upcoming grand jury.

Benjamin Young, the third defendant charged with capital murder, is still awaiting a preliminary hearing.