“My granddaughter is no bully:” Family in Shoals bullying investigation speaks out

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. – Following a social media storm, a Sheffield grandmother wants to set the record straight: her granddaughter is no bully.

Christi Staggs reached out to WHNT News 19 following the story of a little girl with a bruised face, whose family says it’s the result of a bullying issue at an elementary school.

Staggs’ 10-year-old-granddaughter is the alleged bully, and that’s a narrative she wants to correct.

“I do feel bad for this child, I do feel bad she’s hurt,” said Staggs. “But I know my granddaughter did not bully her and I know she did this on accident.”

So what happened?

Staggs says her granddaughter told her the two were walking to class when she pulled on her friend’s jacket.

“When she pulled the jacket, evidently the child fell, I guess he pulled it too hard and my granddaughter fell on top of the little girl.”

Staggs says she is concerned about conflicted stories circulating on social media that make her granddaughter seem like a bully. She adds that the L.E. Willson Elementary principal told her that he was told it was an accident.

She acknowledges that her granddaughter should not have pulled the jacket, but emphasizes that it wasn’t done intentionally, because the two were friends.

Her granddaughter tells WHNT News 19 that after they fell, she walked her bleeding friend to the nurse’s office, and that she hopes they can still be friends.

Staggs says in recent weeks the girl came up to her car after school asking for a play date with her granddaughter, and that she knows she wouldn’t try to hurt her friend.

Sheffield City Schools officials say they will continue to investigate.