SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) — Alabama gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard continued on the campaign trail. On Thursday, she met voters at Stephano’s Southland restaurant in Sheffield. 

The meet-and-greet may have been more about Blanchard getting on her horse. 

The recent Emerson College/The Hill poll shows that Blanchard has a long way to go in the race for governor. She is nowhere close to the front of the Republican pack. Blanchard comes to the race promising voters that the politics approach needs to change in Alabama.

Blanchard is running in the Republican primary against incumbent Governor Kay Ivey as well as Tim James, whose father once held the state’s top job.  

“I tell people that I am 100 percent the outsider,” Blanchard said. “My daddy was not governor and I have not been in the government. I am not connected to any special interests, any padded pockets. I will be the voice of the people because it is about time that your voice and that everyone else’s voice is heard in this state.”

Blanchard switched from the Senate race to the governor’s race in December. The former ambassador to Slovenia was one of the first to enter the race for outgoing senator Richard Shelby’s seat but now she is seeking Governor Ivey’s title and finds herself in a battle.  

Blanchard is leading the race for financial contributors at this point, but political analysts know that the determining factor is not money in a political race. She has been critical of Ivey’s campaign.

The governor said that there is no comparison to real politics that is needed in Alabama. Blanchard says that her approach is what former president Donald Trump needed in the White House. 

“I’ve lived in Alabama my whole life until I served for president Trump as ambassador,” Blanchard told News 19. “I’m the third ever appointed ambassador from this state, but most importantly I grew up in rural Alabama.”

Alabama voters are less than two months away from casting their ballots in the Republican Primary Election.

“I hope to be that candidate that they are proud to have indorsed and become the next governor and prove that I am that Christian conservative candidate in this race,” said Blanchard.

The Emerson College/The Hill in poll showed Ivey leading the race for governor with 48% support from likely republican voters, followed by Tim James with 11% and Blanchard with 8%.