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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. — 2020 was a difficult year for many but even more so for the family of Mary Malone.

Malone was found dead at her home on Davis Court in Tuscumbia on February 7. Tuscumbia Police ruled the death a homicide. As the anniversary approaches, the case remains unsolved and the family just wants answers.

“I think everybody just kind of wants closure so we can kind of move forward to the next step,” Malone’s granddaughter Tocarra Willis said. “It just doesn’t seem like it’s been a year; the whole thing still seems like, unreal.”

Willis said the family is trying to deal with the loss as best as they can. Willis said for her, the road to healing took a unique turn.

“I actually started going to a grief therapist and she asked me, ‘do you have a hobby or anything like that,’ and I was like, ‘not really; I just work,’” Willis said.

Willis did however have a love for candles and made a business out of making her own.

“To help deal with my depression about grieving over my grandmother I started to make candles in her memory and actually named the business after her,” Willis said.

Out of that grieving, the Lady Mae Candle Company was born.

Each scent has its own unique name, based on something Malone would say or her nicknames for different family members, like “Big Baby” for Willis.

Willis said she wants everything about the company to tie back to Malone so that it not only honors her but also keeps her memory alive.

Willis said in the summer, proceeds from selling the candles will be used to create a grant for young entrepreneurs.

With Malone’s murder still unsolved, anyone with information into who is responsible is asked to contact Tuscumbia Police at (256) 383-3121 or the Shoals Area Crimestoppers at (256) 386-8685.