Marital problems, affair lead to killing in Muscle Shoals capital murder case, court documents show


Erica Fox, Ronnie Credille (Photos: Muscle Shoals Police Dept.)

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. – Felony complaints have been filed in the capital murder arrests of Erica Fox and Ronnie Credille in Colbert County.

The two are accused of conspiring to murder Fox’s husband Jason on August 12 in Muscle Shoals.

In an eight page complaint filed in Colbert County District Court late Monday, Muscle Shoals detectives outline the events which led to Jason Fox’s death.

On the second page of the document, police said Jason Fox sustained an apparent gunshot wound to the head after an assailant entered his home on Grand Avenue.

In her first statement to police, Erica Fox said she entered the home with a bag of food and stepped around her husband who was lying in the floor, with “a lot of blood around him.” She then walked outside and called 911.

According to the complaint, Fox told 911 operators, “The house is destroyed.”

Through a consensus of the detectives, they immediately believed the crime scene had been staged to look like a burglary.

In an interview with police days later, Erica Fox admitted to having marital problems with Jason, and even admitting to having an affair, the complaints show. She told police her longest affair had been with Ronnie Credille.

The court documents show Fox stated in the interview that Credille had made comments in which he stated, “I could kill Jason and we could be together”.

Police were able to use forensic extraction to pull call logs and text messages between Credille and Fox from the morning of the murder.

When questioned by police as to why she didn’t warn her husband what was about to happen in a conversation just moments before he got home, the documents show Erica Fox replied, “No…I mean, it didn’t. I mean… I didn’t really…”

Erica Fox and Ronnie Credille are scheduled to be in Colbert County District Court on Tuesday.

Both are being held without bond at this time in the Colbert County Jail.

You can read the Credille affidavit by clicking here. You can read the Fox affidavit by clicking here.