Maria Springer appears in court


Maria Springer

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The neglect and abuse case against Maria Springer will now go to a grand jury. Springer’s lawyer waived her right to a preliminary hearing at the Lauderdale County courthouse.

“The district attorney has expressed to me that he might give her the opportunity to testify in front of a Lauderdale county grand jury. We are going to be exploring that possibility,” said Will Motlow, Springer’s lawyer.

Springer’s attorney claims there is more to her story, and he will fight for her justice.

“There are definitely some evidentiary issues here that we are exploring. And it’s a future point in time I think people are going to hear my clients side of the story. And they’re going to see that this is not what it appears to be a first glance,” said Motlow.

Investigators with One Place of the Shoals, say Springer waited nearly four weeks before calling 911 to seek medical attention for 57-year-old Pamela Springer. The two lived in this apartment on Lakeshore Court. Investigator say after a fall, Maria left Pamela on the floor, only feeding her on occasion. After two weeks in the hospital, investigators say Pamela died.   Investigator claim Maria never reached out to the family for assistance.