Mamie Landsell of Muscle Shoals celebrates 101st birthday Friday


MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. — News 19 would like to wish a happy 101st birthday to Ms. Mamie Landsell of Muscle Shoals.

Ms. Landsell is a resident at the Cypress Cove Center. She sadly had to miss out on her 100th birthday celebration in 2020 because of the pandemic.

On Friday, she celebrated with friends, family, and even two Muscle Shoals police officers—although they said they wouldn’t arrest her since it was her birthday.

Landsell said she doesn’t have a secret to her longevity, just a good support system. “I’m happy and I’ve lived a good life or have tried to, and everybody is so wonderful here,” she said. “Chris and Amy has went out of their way to make us all happy here and this is just like home.”

Chris and Amy are the Cypress Cove employees who planned the party.

Although Landsell said she doesn’t have a secret to longevity, others at the center said it’s her love for Alabama Football.

Roll Tide, and Happy Birthday!

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