Littering in Sheffield could cost you hundreds of dollars because of new zero-tolerance policy

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. — We’ve all seen it when driving, an empty fast food drink cup or candy wrapper on the side of the road. Usually, this happens when people decide to throw their trash on the ground instead of finding a garbage can or recycle bin. For those who aren’t aware, that’s littering and in Sheffield, city officials and residents have had enough

“We’ve had some concerns at the recent city council meeting about littering,” said Sergeant Max Dotson with the Sheffield Police Department. “The mayor brought it up, it was also backed up by many members of the council.”

Because of that, a new policy was created.

“The police department has adopted, for now, a zero-tolerance policy on littering,” said Sergeant Dotson. “If you are seen by an officer you will be cited for littering.”

That littering citation comes with a hefty fine. The first offense will cost you $250. There’s also an additional court cost of $233.

The department didn’t say what the cost of a second offense would be but they hope the cost of the first is enough to deter people from littering to begin with.

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