LifeSouth Florence in desperate need of blood donors


FLORENCE, Ala. – This week, people in the Shoals have been limited to where they can go and when.

Icy roads and lots of snow have made travel hard; this means blood centers and blood drives have been suffering.

The roads have started to turn to slush now, but are still hard to travel on.

Once they do clear up, though, LifeSouth in Florence needs your help – because of the storms, they’ve received barely any blood donations this week.

LifeSouth Florence has not been able to host blood drives all week and hasn’t been open since Sunday. Although they had plans to open up every day this week, the weather didn’t allow them to do so safely.

However, they do plan to open back up at noon Friday. With the weather always changing though, officials are urging donors to call ahead before coming in at (256) 765-7038.

Shoals Regional Manager Jody St. John is urging the Shoals community to donate blood; she says the patients who rely on it don’t get a snow day.

“On an average week, we need 200 units of blood every single week for the SAhoals region in order to accommodate the six hospitals that we cover,” she said. “Right now we have not been able to have blood drives or have the center open; we have not been able to collect any since Sunday.”

She says to make up for this, they’re going to need extra donors for at least the next few weeks.

Her advice for you if you’re stuck at home and want to help – start hydrating now, so when this snow clears up and you can get out, you can donate blood and help save up to three lives.

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