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LEXINGTON, Ala. — A special effects company in Lexington has joined the fight against COVID-19.

Global Special Effects is owned by Francisco Guerra. It is the largest special effects company in the world, specializing in evaporative snow, foam, and fog machines. For years, the company has provided special weather effects that have appeared on television, in films, and at theme parks.

Guerra said he was already thinking of a way to convert his equipment when the White House contacted him asking if he could modify his machines to spray sanitizer. He agreed and was shipped the chemicals. He said his team began working right away. He calls his new machines Virus Sanitation Evaporators.

“It just blows you away; the phone calls we’re getting are from the Navy all the way down to a guy who’s about to open his church back up so we just are blessed that we’re able to be effective,” said Guerra.

Guerra said the company is producing around 1000 machines a month. He said several cleaning companies are already using them in hospitals, schools, and gyms. For ordering information click here.