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LEXINGTON, Ala. — It marked a “spirited” beginning in August of 2020 when Lexington residents voted to allow alcohol sales within the town limits during the municipal election.

“It was certainly a big deal,” Mayor Sandra Burroughs said. “We had some controversy but I think the past six months have proven that that controversy was basically not necessary.”

Some residents and establishments made their objections to the vote known, including some Lexington churches that displayed “vote no” on their signs.

However, Burroughs said since the “yes” vote won the majority, it signifies progress in the town.

“We’ve had three establishments that have actually applied and received liquor licenses to sell alcohol and beer in the city limits,” she said.

That included Rocketzoid S3, a restaurant which, after alcohol sales became legal, hosted Lexington’s first-ever W.C. Handy Music Festival Event.

“We just want everybody to feel like they’ve got options when they come to the town and this actually did put us in the step ahead to go that route,” Burroughs said.

Burroughs said although it’s not making a huge economic impact, it is allowing tax dollars to stay in Lexington that would have otherwise been spent in the surrounding communities.

“That was the whole premise behind us going wet is to prevent those folks from spending money in another city or another town and let them spend it in Lexington so that we would all recoup the benefits of that,” Burroughs explained.

Burroughs said she wants to highlight the importance of drinking responsibly but also, the benefit that allowing alcohol sales brings to the town.

“Realistically, I hope that it encourages more people to actually open an establishment or come to Lexington for a drink, but we would love to see more businesses come as well,” she said.

Establishments already selling alcohol include Rocketzoid S3, the Shell Quik Mart, and Burroughs said the Big Star grocery store is in the process of receiving its liquor license.