Lexington Issues Water Conservation Notice

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) – The City of Lexington is urging people to conserve water as drought conditions persist.

This is the third water system in Lauderdale County to issue water conservation notices.  Chisholm Heights and East Lauderdale also have very low water levels.

Lexington asks people to observe the following measures:


  1. No washing of automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers or any other vehicle or part of.
  2. All water customers are encouraged to repair any significant leak(s) within a timely manner.
  3. Customers are encouraged not to water or irrigate lawns, landscapes or other turf areas (to include vegetables or flower gardens).
  4. Customers are encouraged not to wash side walks, walkways or parking areas except for the removal of harmful substances.  
  5. Customers are encouraged not to maintain, clean or fill pools and fountains.
  6. Farmers should use other sources for agricultural water.


These measures will be in effect until water reaches sufficient levels to supply water under normal demand.

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