Lawrence County Courthouse closed Tuesday after late night fire


Photo: Jeff Gray

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – The Lawrence County courthouse will be closed to the public Tuesday after a late night fire.

Firefighters were called to the courthouse just before midnight for a fire alarm. Crews had a hard time finding the fire, but not the damage it left behind.

Moulton firefighters located the fire in a cubicle on the second floor of the new courthouse. They say it was an electrical fire, but was put out by the sprinkler system.

Though the sprinkler system did its job, it caused a small tsunami of water to flood the first floor of the building. Ceiling tiles got soaked and started crashing down. Some employees arrived in the middle of the night to clear what they could off their desks.

We are told that crews are coming in to start the cleanup process. The courthouse will be closed to the public Tuesday and employees are asked to come on in and supervisors will make a decision then on the workday.

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