Law enforcement continues to search for missing Moulton woman


Jennifer Marshell White

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – The search for a missing Moulton woman continues nearly a month after her disappearance.  Police say Jennifer Marshell White was last seen by family members at a home in Moulton around 1:30 p.m on April 8. Investigators say she was driving a black 2007 Chevy Tahoe with a pink “Salt Life” sticker on the rear window.

“We have no evidence of foul play,” said Chief Lyndon McWhorter of the Moulton Police Department. The footage we saw, it didn’t appear anybody was with her. She was going in the direction of the last ping on her phone. However, things can change if we find evidence in another direction.”

“It’s a nightmare,” said her daughter Beth Gilchrist. “The unanswered questions, the things that don’t add up

Jennifer’s husband, Moulton City Councilman Brent White said it a private and personal matter, but he thanks law enforcement and volunteers for continuing to search for his wife.

The last time he or her daughters heard from her was a bizarre text message from her phone, at 1 a.m. in the morning the day after she was last seen. Her daughter Beth said she received a group message, “to me and my sisters phone that didn`t even sound like her, saying she was going to go be at peace and that she loved us.”

Moulton Police are working with outside agencies as her disappearance looms over the small, tight-knit town. “I know these people.  I know her, I know her husband,” said Chief McWhorter. “We’ve got ALEA to come in and do a lot of our interviews for us

“In the beginning, the first few days it was very hopeful,” said her daughter Beth. “But three weeks, at this point, theres been no bank activity, no cell phone activity, no credible sightings. This is a woman who worships her grandchildren. my daughter just had a birthday, she wouldn`t miss that.”

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell confirmed that several rescue crews searched in the Smith Lake area in connection with the case.\

Officials contacted On-Star and Jennifer White’s cell phone carrier to try and locate her. The last ping from her cellphone was in the Double Springs area the day after she disappeared. Anyone with information is urged to contact law enforcement immediately.

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