Lauderdale Sheriff speaks about body cam footage from deputy shooting

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FLORENCE, Ala. – As Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Deputy Randall McCrary continues to recover from a shoot-out earlier this week, state police are investigating the incident.

One key piece of evidence they have is a body camera worn by the deputy, given to him just days before the shooting.

“To sit there and actually watch what happened, it’s like you are standing there right beside Deputy McCrary,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton explained.

In his 30-plus years of law enforcement, Sheriff Singleton says having an officer involved in a shooting never gets any easier.

So it was especially tough for him watching the events Wednesday night unfold on footage captured by a body cam.

“After Deputy McCrary laid down on the floor, you see and hear everything else that is going on around them,” Singleton recalled. “So it’s a very traumatic kind of experience even watching it on the video.”

This is an image from a 2013 interview with Randall McCrary. Family members confirm he was the deputy shot in Florence on Wednesday evening. (WHNT News 19)
This is an image from a 2013 interview with Randall McCrary. (WHNT News 19)

Deputy McCrary was wearing a new body cam which was deployed earlier this week. It replaced an older type which didn’t work very well in low light situations.

Sheriff Singleton said he watched as deputies entered the home and were confronted by accused shooter Timothy Murphy.

Singleton said he couldn’t be more proud of how his deputies responded.

“They were very professional,” stated Singleton. “They did a good job and unfortunately it ended with some injuries. Fortunately there were no fatalities.”

Now in the hands of SBI investigators, Singleton expects the footage to be used to exonerate his deputies.

Deputy McCrary remains in Huntsville Hospital recovering from his injuries received during the shoot-out.

Timothy Murphy is also being treated at Huntsville Hospital. He’s expected to be taken to the Riverbend Mental Health Facility in Florence for evaluation upon his release.