Lauderdale County town to get some much needed traffic control

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ST. FLORIAN, Ala. (WHNT) – For years one intersection in the Shoals has caused numerous headaches and collisions for a small town.

A single stop sign is all that sits between drivers on County Road 30 and oncoming traffic on County Road 47 in St. Florian. Hands down it’s one of the most congested intersections in Lauderdale County.

More than 12,000 vehicles travel through the intersection each day.

“We work quite a few wrecks at this spot right here, and most of them it’s rear-end wrecks where somebody will stop wanting to help somebody and let them out,” Police Chief Ralph Richey explained.

Chief Richey said there’s a possible solution to the traffic woes on the way. Survey crews have started the ground work in marking the locations where utility poles will be installed and wires laid for a new red light.

For over a year, the Shoals Metropolitan Planning Organization and Lauderdale County have been making plans for an upgraded intersection.

Richey said it may not end the town’s traffic problems overnight, but it’s a start.

“It will solve some of it. It won’t solve all of it, but it will be a help. We’re hoping it will take a lot of load off of the people that come through,” Richey stated.

And drivers pulling out of County Road 30 say the red light can’t be put up soon enough.

Town leaders in St. Florian said weather permitting the red lights should be installed in the next two weeks.

The Shoals MPO and county commission are paying for the red light installation.

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