LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — With Sunday holding the possibility of winter weather in the Tennessee Valley, officials across the area are gearing up to take on whatever happens. News 19 spoke with the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) about what they’re doing to prepare.

“The weather in the Tennessee Valley is different from other parts of the country,” said George Grabryan, Lauderdale’s EMA director. “A lot of times, we don’t know truly what we’re going to get until we’re in the midst of the storm.”

Grabryan says first responders and equipment are ready for the wintry weather, but a major area of concern is roadways.

“We’ve got rain coming in on the front side of this, and I understand that makes things problematic in treating roads,” Grabryan said. “That’s going to be one issue right there.

Lauderdale County has already had a weather briefing about the weekend’s possible weather outcome. Grabryan says all agencies and those who are responsible for road treatments communicate well and have been in constant communication.

“Just be extremely careful and cautious,” Grabryan told News 19. “Anything you run across that looks like it’s wet, may not be wet, it may in fact be an icy glaze. Keep in mind that elevated surfaces will probably have the potential to glaze sooner.”

Grabryan recommends not to get on the roads, but understands that people have to go to work and run everyday errands. If you must go out, he says to have a plan.

“Somebody needs to know where you’re going [and] what your route will be, that’s a starting point,” Grabryan stated. “Then from there, make sure you’ve got your car topped off with fuel. Inside the vehicle, you may want to keep some good warm clothing, certainly some good gloves and a good hat.”

Grabryan added in this type of weather, power outages are common. If you’re going to use a portable generator or any other alternate heat sources in your home, be extremely cautious how you use them as they could lead to a fire.

He concluded by saying it’s important to keep your phone charged and if you encounter trouble, call 911.