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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. – Hundreds of people are being given the opportunity to “Stay Out of Jail” next week. The Lauderdale County Court Clerk’s Office says if you have outstanding fines and tickets – this is your chance.

The list has been compiled and it’s a long one.

“Probably around 700 to 800 is what is on the list of names right now,” stated Court Specialist Audra Wallace. “That’s not all of the warrants that we have, that is just some random ones that we have pulled.”

Court fines, traffic tickets, worthless checks – the list goes on and on. Hundreds of people who haven’t shown up in court, or did and didn’t follow through. Wallace has been working on the Stay Out of Jail list for weeks.

“They need to contact our office even by phone and work something out with us. We’ll just look at what they have and figure out what we can do to help them,” said Wallace.

Those on the list can show up next week to meet with someone in the Lauderdale County Court Clerk’s Office. If they follow through, the arrest warrants which have already been issued will be recalled.

“They may be in a situation where they don’t have the money and they are afraid to come, and so hopefully we can help them with that,” Wallace explained.

If you don’t come forward to take care of your outstanding warrants, courthouse officials say you’ll likely get a visit from a sheriff’s deputy or police officer in the near future.

Below is a compiled list of names with those who need to contact the Lauderdale County Court Clerk’s Office or Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office next week.

Lauderdale County District Criminal Warrants

(Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)

Albertson, Jeffery Allen

Alexander, Delana

Alexander, Eric Oneal

Alexander, Kayla

Allah-Cobb, Sabah Nimat

Allen, Monica Lynn

Anderson, Jody Lee

Anderson, Lagrace Kavon

Atwell, Kimberly Lee

Bahena, William

Baker, Megan Thomasina

Baker, Tiffany Dawn

Baskins, Marty Lynn

Beck, Llshanda Dawn

Behel, Bobby Wayne

Belew, David Lance

Benefield, Wilkinson Shane

Bennett, Christopher Cleveland

Betterly, Sara

Bevis, Eric Wayne

Billings, Roy Michael

Birgans, Tommy James

Blakney, Daryl Wayne

Bohanan, Chasity Nicole

Borden, David Norman

Borden, Jackie Ray Jr.

Borden, Tenisha Dawn

Boyd, D’Angelo Quintez

Boyd, Scott Eugene

Bratcher, Jordan Mark

Brewer, Tiffany Fawn

Briley, Virginia L

Burbank, Ronnie Dale

Burdette, Mary Elizabeth

Burgess, Thomas Allen

Burton, Kevin Nathan

Butler, Jordan Lynn

Butler, Joshua Keith

Byrd, Jared Bryson

Byrd, Tommy Randall Jr.

Cagle, Logan Spencer

Carmichael, Rodney Roy Jr

Carpenter, Wayne Curtis

Carroll, Ronald Louis

Clemons, Tyler James

Coats, Houston Dewayne

Cole, Brandlyn Leigh

Coleman, Clarissa

Collins, Bill Raymond

Conroy, Michael Steven

Cook, James Max

Cox, Jenilee Rachel

Coyer, Harley James

Creasy, Tiffany Pace

Cunningham, Britni Leshea

D’Amico, Nestor Enrique

Darji, Rupal Bharatbhai

Davis, Jackie Dewayne

Davis, Patrick Rives

Diederichs, Corie Kaydon

Dillion, Kelly Ann

Elder, Brandi Diane

Enlow, Michael Scott

Etie, Jude Sebastian

Farrall, William Ernest

Felton, Eli III

Fennell, Laryssa Lauretta

Ford, Jerry Charles

Fowler, Jimmy Brent

Fox, Natasha Nashae

Franklin, Eric Michael

Fulks, Jason Robert

Fulton, Gary Allen

Fuqua, Samuel Brycin

Gamble, Jessica Renee

Garrard, Emily Ann

Ghrigsby, Heather Leeann

Gifford, Joshua Brian

Giles, Kalaundra Delewis

Goodwin, Howard Thomas

Goodwin, Nicholas Montrez

Graham, Melissa Dianne

Graves, Matthew Chance

Green, Dawn Lynn

Green, Sabrenia Kaye

Griffin, Crystal Marie

Guthrie, Charlotte Hayes

Hamm, Jeffery Allen

Hanback, Chad Everette

Hand, Brandon David

Hand, James

Haraway, Travis

Harris, Austin Daniel

Haskins, Maroland Rico

Hawkins, Sharday Renee

Hayes, Christopher Blake

Helmick, Adam

Hensley, Talia Michelle

Higgins, Charles Ray Jr.

Hill, Bradley Wade

Hodges, William Kenneth

Holland, Ronnie Lee

Hollingsworth, Renae

Hollis, Bryanna Donshea

Horton, Bobby Wade

Hughes, Bobbie Bass

Hulsey, Brant Lee

Hunt, Debra J

Hutcherson, Samantha Ann

Hyde, Tiana Fay

Idigpio, Susan F

Jackson, Devin Derrell

Jackson, Turner Lee

Jimenez, Jose

Johnson, Aaron Lamer

Johnson, Tymothy Lee Drake

Johnston, Angela

Joiner, Timothy Roe

Jones, Charles Anthony

Jones, Deidra Michelle

Jones, Jennifer Denise

Jones, Keith O

Jones, Markese Delwyn

Keeton, Jessie Ray

Kelley, David Anthony

Kelsoe, Bart Eugene

Kelsoe, Marie Antionette

Kilpatrick, Stefanie Diana

Kimbrough, Jason Lewis

Lang, Bruce Gilbert

Laws, Joshua Kaed

Lee, Jessica

Lehr, Michael

Lightsey, Anthony Gerald

Liles, Erik Daniel

Lindsey, Matthew Troy

Long, Darnell Monroe

Lovelace, Brandon Mark

Lovelace, Ericka Danielle

Lovell, Marty Jerome

Lowry, Michael Anthony

Lunn, Gregory Penn

Luther, Kimberly Lee

Lykins, Ernest Scott

Malone, Tommy Wayne

Malott, Jennifer

Mansell, Jeremy H

Martin, Brittany Saige Pinter

Martin, Joshua Jay

Mason, Ziesha

Mcarthur, Nicholas Allen

Mccann, Joshua David

Mccann, Monica Graham

Mccurry, Brandi Renea

Mcdaniel, Kmia

Mcgee, Heather Leanne

Mcgee, John Rea

Mcgill, Sherrie Lee

Mckinney, Stanley Oshea

Mclemore, Donald Douglas

Michael, Amanda

Miller, Andrew Lynn

Mitchell, Maurice Sherrel

Modas, Tania Roberts

Moody, Thelitha Elizabeth

Morales, Joyce Inez

Morrow, Daniel Tyson

Muirhead, Arthur W

Napier, Jeffery Omares

Nared, Emmanuel Raheem

Navarro, Eduardo D

Nethery, Kimberly Murphy

Newbury, Matthew Alan

Nix, David Randall

Norman, Rebecca Lucille

Odell, Niki Lashea

Oliver, Latrese Antoinette

Orrell, James Edward

Parker, Gregory Trent

Parrish, Bobby Trent

Patrick, Desha Leshell

Patterson, Jonathan Wylie

Peters, Taylor Marie

Pettus, Mike Will

Pippins, Christina Alicia

Pitts, Ricky Dale

Plevnic, James Douglas

Prestage, Michael Ray Jr

Priest, Stephen Dewayne Jr

Pugh, David Matthew

Purvis, Dhaijah

Putman, Michael Anthony Jr

Quinn, Bryan Ray

Reach, Debra Wallace

Reed, Nathan Anthony

Reed, Racheal Lashel

Reid, Randall David

Rickard, Anthony Brett

Rideout, Juston Keith

Risner, Douglas

Risner, Stephen Dewayne

Roberts, Brandon

Rose, Jeremy Lee

Roath, Rachel Valli

Rowell, Jeffrey Darnell

Russell, Andrew C Jr

Russell, Jordan Tyler

Rutland, J B Jr

Saint, Robert Terrence

Schmucker, Anthony

Scott, Alex Christopher

Seeley, Patrick Allen

Shipley, Lacreeta S

Siner, Sheila Ann

Slaydon, Tiffany Corinne

Smith, Carrie Jo

Smith, Leslie Ann

Smith, Thomas Aaron Jr

Soler, Tracy V

St. Andrew, Samantha Marie

Staggs, Charles Frederick

Staggs, Joseph Daniel

Starr, Frank Molton

Stokes, James Ivan

Strickland, Tracy Dan

Stubbs, Robert Charles III

Stults, Bennie Dwain

Taylor, Bethany Dawn

Taylor, Billy

Terry, Chasity Ann

Thomas, Tracy Michelle

Thompson, Christine

Thompson, Riccardo

Thompson, Robert L Jr

Thompson, Tessa Valerie

Tidwell, Joseph Daniel

Townsend, Jimmy L

Trousdale, Blaine Alan

Trujillo, James Lucas

Turbyfill, Teddy Wayne

Turner, Latinna

Turner, Michael James

Vandiver, Donnie Scott

Vaughn, Howard Lee

Wade, April Nicole

Walker, William L Jr

Wallace, Jonathan Andrew

Wallace, Ronald Glenn

Watkins, Glen

Wayne, Benjamin Wesley

Wear, Jennifer Lee

Weaver, Jackson Taylor

Whisman, Frances Bass Louise

Whisman, Roger Dale

White, Rachel Bertina

Wicker, Jennifer Lynn

Williams, Bradley Dale

Williams, Robert A

Winters, Jessica Layne

Woods, Ladawn Michelle

Wray, Connie Holder

Wright, Travis L

Young, Benjamin Owen

Young, Gary Allen

Young, Jeremy Lee

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that the persons on this list have valid active warrants in Lauderdale County, Alabama. If your name appears on this list in error, please notify the Lauderdale County Court Clerk’s Office at (256)760-5724 or (256)760-7599.


Lauderdale County Traffic Warrants

(Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)

Adcock, Jeffery Dean Jr

Alderete, Kathy Geneva

Aldridge, Vanessa Lea

Alexander, Jeremy Wayne

Ali, Ahmed Kalid

Allen, Tamra Lechele

Arnez, Corissa Leanne

Armstead, Dmontra Gregory

Armstrong, Teddy Shane

Atkinson, Brandon Cole

Austin, Dakota Dale

Baker, Tiffany Dawn

Baldebeso, Denar M

Baldwin, Samuel Lee

Balentine, Joshua Michael

Ball, Natalie Marie

Ballard, Cody Wayne

Bankhead, Candice Nicole

Barnett, Adam Lerone

Barnett, Bradley Wayne

Baskins, Christopher Lee

Bass, James Franklin Bo

Bates, John Garry

Bates, Shana Brianne

Bayless, Kimberly Sue

Bernardo, Diego Marroquin

Birch, Alysen Jean

Blankenship, Zachary Wayne

Blessing, Matthew Ryan

Blount, Jeremy Duane

Bobo, Robert Leslie III

Bolton, Tyler Anthony

Bordelon, Ashley Elise

Box, Mark Dwayne

Brasher, Michael Ray

Bratcher, John Christopher

Brause, Robert M

Briley, Samantha

Brockwell, Adam Brent

Brooks, William Hayden

Brown, Chedwick Lamar

Brown, Ramelle Lamar

Brummitt, Matthew Allen

Bryant, Kenneth Michael

Bullock, William Anthony

Burks, Monica

Burns, Alison Llewellyn

Bush, Benjamin

Butler, Clarence Rubush Jr.

Butler, Jeremiah David

Buttrui, Dakota

Byrd, Tommy Randall Jr.

Caal, Romero

Cabler, Tammy Richardson

Campbell, Jeremy Dale

Canady, Tyler James

Capley, Robert Dakota

Carlson, Robert Lee Jr.

Carr, Bruce Edward

Carr, Jennifer Vinson

Carruth, Darrell Keith Jr.

Carter, Rex Daniel

Chavez, Kimberly Ann

Clemons, Derek Heath

Clemons, Harley Rose

Coats, Houston Dewayne

Coffey, Keanu Jacob

Cole, Bradley Shawn

Cole, Ricky Logan

Collier, Jonathon Lee

Collins, David Brent

Conley, David Brent

Cook, Jason Lee

Coosenberry, Thomas Kennoah

Corum, Deborah Sue

Cottrell, Lewis Frank

Cox, Jodie Michelle

Cox, Justin Ray

Cox, Ralph

Cox, Wendy Vanessa

Crabtree, Marcus Brian

Cromwell, Johnny Malcom

Cromwell, Jonathan Lee

Crunk, Steven Aaaron

Cunningham, Sarah Elizabeth

Dabbs, Jeremy Ray

Daugherty, Joshua Lloyd

Davenport, Timothy Shane

Deleon, Leandra

Devito, Richard P

Dickey, Steven Wayne

Dicus, Charles

Dodd, Joseph Ross

Doyle, Jessica Lee

Duke, James Edward

Dunton, Christopher Braden

Edgemon, Wesley Shane

Ellis, Daryl Corbin

Elmore, Phillip Martin

England, Brian Keith

Enlow, Michael Scott

Erwin, Misty Lynn

Etheredge, Terrell L

Farmer, Mitchell Lee

Faustino, Garcia-Aguirre

Fisher, Ronald Keith

Fisk, Jeremy Brandon

Flanagan, Tommy Hugh

Flannnagan, Calvin Dwight

Fleschner, Anthony Thomas

Fletcher, Julius Adrian

Fletcher, Kenneth Labrian

Flippo, Margie Newrail

Fjorbes, Jeffrey Allen

Forsythe, Michael Clint

Franks, Tracy Lynn

Fuqua, Roderick Scentell

Gable, Alexander Clark

Garcia, Faustino

Garner, Tarisa J Maria

Gautney, James Bennett

Gayden, Marshai Nichole

Gibson, Katherine Lynn

Gifford, Joshua Brian

Glenn, Gabrielle Andrea

Goodwin, Howard Thomas Jr.

Gose, Anthony Robert

Graham, Natalie Nicole

Grandberry, Akeya Symboutae

Gray, Roger Wayde

Green, David Joshua

Green, James Ryan

Gregg, Annette Marie

Gregg, Kristy Michelle

Griffin, Aaron Lee

Griffin, Joshua Randall

Griffith, Victoria Harry

Hamilton, Niesha Nicole

Hammond, Christopher Michael

Hammond, Howard Eroy

Hammond, Linda F

Hanback, Glen Marvin Jr.

Hancock, Nathan Brice

Hand, Brandon David

Hand, William Spencer

Harbin, Shannon Eugnia

Hardy, Demario Antwan

Harris, Jason Wade

Harris, Kimberly Bruce

Harris, Trevon Oneal

Harrison, Howard Bruce

Hart, David Eugene

Hatley, James Bryant

Hayes, Dalton Ray

Hayes, Edward Allan

Heath, John Starling III

Helmick, Adam Alexander

Herston, Jeffery Logan

Hibner, Justin Aaron

Hicks, Cody Wayne

Hill, Bradley Wade

Hill, Danny Wayne

Hill, Deard William Jr.

Hinds, Bobby Jean

Hines, Blake Austin

Hines, Brian Keith

Holden, Byron Lee

Holden, Keith Shane

Holt, Micah Reanda

Hughes, Harold Dean

Hull, Dakisha Shantell

Ingram, Jennifer S

Ingram, Travis Carl

Inscho, James Michael

Isom, James Keith

Jackson, Acire Adaira

Jackson, Ciara Danielle

Jackson, Larry Lafrance

Jackson, Taderick Jaleele

Jackson, William Cantrell

James, Brodie Tyler

James, Peter Blake

Jaramillo, Serna Miguel A

Johns, Kathleen Hope

Johnson, Carl Liona

Johnson, Charles Dwayne

Johnson, Jamie Marty

Johnson, Jeremy Gerrod

Johnson, Travis Lee

Johnson, Tymothy Lee Drake

Johns, Charles Anthony

Jones, Laurie Lemly

Jordan, Jesse Lynn

Joyner, James Michael

Keeling, Michael R

Keener, Roy David Jr

Keeton, Jeffrey Wayne

Keeton, Joshua Randall

Keith, Anthony Lamont

Keller, Amber Leigh

King, Donald Eugene Jr.

King, Kaila Makenzee

Lacy, Kimberly Michelle

Lamar, David Paul

Landers, Tanna Kaylene

Lane, Raven Dawn

Lang, Bruce Gilbert

Lanier, Russell Leon

Lansdell, Kristina Joann

Larason, Kirk

Lard, Mcihael Eugene

Lee, Xavier Louis

Lewis, Alonzo Michael

Lewis, Joshua Emanuel Wayne

Linville, Matthew Wayne

Lisenby, Emily Gordon

Littrell, John Milton

Lloyd, Eric Jr.

Logan, Edward Eugene

Long, James Keith

Long, Kenneth Ray

Lopez-Pinelo, Maynor Manuel

Lynch, Timothy Patrick

Malone, Sabrina Walker

Mangum, Jessica Ann

Mansell, Jeremy Heath

Marinez, Webster Luna

Marshman, Ramonn

Martinez, Enrique

Martinez, Juan Steve

Matlock, Gary

Mayhall, Daniel Christopher

Mayo, TJ

McAlister, Carrie Reed

McCann, Monica Graham

McCaulou, Cody Lynn

McDaniels, Bobby Louis

McDonald, Travonnel Udionn

McGoogan, Benjamin D

McKenzie, Kevin Patrick

McLemore, Bentley

McMahan, Phillip Brent

Mcnatt, Joseph Kyle

McWilliams, Aaron

Means, Jason Wade

Melton, Christopher Kelly

Miller, Donald Eugene II

Milstead, Charles

Mitchell, Amanda Regina

Mitchell, Jeremy Lee

Mitchell, Kathryn Elizabeth

Mitchell, Kenneth Lyle

Moles, Cody Allan

Moore, Brandon Michael

Moore, Carlos Antonio

Moore, Daren Lynn Jr

Moore, Dawn

Moore, Justin Earl

Moore, Samuel Leal

Morrow, Daniel Tyson

Murphy, Dylan Matthew

Murray, Tyler Chase

Nava, Rogelio Alejandro

Neal, Harold David

Nelson, Chad William

Netherton, Brandon Lee

Netherton, James Matthew

Nichols, Eric Keith

Noel, Ambre Ailehs

Oathoaut, River Scott

Obryant, Thomas Randall

Olive, Devie Ronyon

Olive, Tammy Marie

Oliver, Dwayne Lee

Oltmer, Jacetin Hunter

Orrell, James Edward

Osepczuk, Brandy

Oswalt, David Matthew

Page, Raileeyia Madawine

Parker, Zontez Raynard

Pearson, James Randall

Pearson, Kevin Dewayne

Peck, Shawn Gregory

Peden, Miranda Gail

Peever, Kenneth Robert Jr.

Perez, Ferando Rosette

Perry, Robert

Phillips, Amanda Kaye

Pickett, Jason Cody

Pigg, Billy Wayne

Pitts, Ricky Dale

Poague, Jason Edward

Presley, Robert Aaron

Puckett, Isaac L

Pugh, James Hollis

Pugh, Timothy Shane

Putman, Anthony Tyler

Quavillon, Lauren Nicole

Quigley, Sarah Evelyn

Ramos, Carlos Adria

Ramos, Jaime Gutierrez

Ratliff, James Gregory

Ray, Billy Lloyd

Rhodes, Bradley Stephen

Richardson, Wesley Brent

Ricks, Maria Antonette

Rider, Marcus Alvin

Riley, Dustin Wayne

Riley, Jennifer Denise

Riley, Kesha Leana

Riley, Rhyan Andrew

Roberson, Skylar Payton

Roberts, Heidi Noel

Robertson, Brandy Shay

Robinson, John Aaron

Roddy, Jacob Brent

Rogers, Jimmy Lee Jr

Rogers, Melinda A

Roland, Joseph Randal

Rone, James Earl

Rose, Jeremy Lee

Ross, Casey Lee

Ross, Leighton Tremayne

Rosson, Cynthia Carolyn

Rowell, Michael Edward

Rowell, Theus O’Bryan

Rumbaugh, Charlena Dale

Russell, Melissa Alice

Saint, William Matthew

Sanchez, Rivera Edgardo Luis

Santistevan, Tara N

Scott, Zeth

Searcy, Ricky Wade

Sedgwick, A Johnathon

Serdaru, Emir

Sharp, Brandon Berry

Shaw, Dewey Clifford

Sheaks, Dale Edward III

Shirley, Brandon Lee

Short, Tiffany

Simmons, Shelly Renee

Simpson, David Borda

Simpson, William Anthony

Sinyard, Russell Oneal

Smith, Austin Caine

Smith, Benjamin Tyler

Smith, Denise Marie

Smith, Heidi

Smith, John W

Smith, Robert Daniel

Smith, Steven Christopher

Snodgrass, Sara Ellen

Sparks, Cheryl Mccoy

Springer, Morris Lynn

St Andrew, Samantha Marie

Stacy, Bobbie JO

Staggs, Haleigh Grace

Staggs, Joseph Daniel

Staggs, Kennedy Brook

Staten, Travis Wayne III

Stephens, Kevin Kent

Stewart, David Todd

Stewart, Jessica

Stockman, Samuel Paul

Stricklin, Paul Arthur

Stringfellow, Katy Bennett

Stults, Kayla Michelle

Summerhill, Jessica

Sweeney, Nautica Earline

Taveras, Roger J

Taylor, Gary Waylon

Taylor, William Anthony Jr

Terry, Curtis Johnson Jr.

Thompson, Alvin Wade

Thompson, Jennica M Leigh

Threet, James Edward

Tidwell, Paul Nathan

Tidwell, Ted Tid

Tucker, Michael John Garrett

Turner, Robert Lee

Turner, Trevane Ohara

Tutor, Samuel Paul Jr.

Voss, William Shannon

Walker, Damian O’Bryant

Wallace, Christopher Lee

Watson, Adrian Evan Richmond

Watson, April Michelle

Watson, Jamie Ray

Wayne, Benjamin Wesley

Weakley, Michael

Webster, Carlos Wayne

Whisman, Roger Dale

White, Darryl James

White, Jason Andrew

White, Pierce Marcus Harrison

Whitson, Lakisha Shaire

Williamson, Jalissa Deodgane

Williams, Matthew Lucas

Willis, Tyler

Winstead, Laura Anne

Winters, Jessica Layne

Wisdom, Frederick Dewayne Jr.

Womble, Robby Dwayne

Wood, Dustin Heath

Wood, Terry Lee

Woods, Anthony Jay

Woods, Zachary Lynn

Wray, Connie Holder

Wright, Anthony Tremayne

Wright, Sheri Jones

Young, Benjamin Owen

Young, Gary Allen

Young, Jamaal Andrae

Young, Terrance Oneil

Zeitner, Gregory Walden

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that the persons on this list have valid active warrants in Lauderdale County, Alabama. If your name appears on this list in error, please notify the Lauderdale County Court Clerk’s Office at (256)760-5724 or (256)760-7599.


(Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)
ARNOLD, DONNA F $2,349.52
COLE, SHERRY D $284.00
DEFOE, ANTHONY $1,157.83
HESS, PAULA $278.17
INGRAM, NINA $802.00
RICKS, ORA, SHUNTA $1,393.00
DISCLAIMER:  Every effort has been made to ensure that the persons on this list have valid active warrants in Lauderdale County, Alabama.  If your name appears in error, please notify the Lauderdale County District Attorney’s Office at 256-764-6351.