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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Lauderdale County Assistant District Attorney Angie Hamilton held a presentation at Rogers High School Tuesday.

She met with parents to discuss the dangers of social media among students and how to keep your children safe on the internet. She said that monitoring your kids’ social media usage should be one of a parent’s top priorities.

“The kids already know what we’re talking about and what we’re telling them. Sometimes they don’t understand the consequences and the danger of their actions. But parents have got to be educated,” Hamilton told News 19.

Hamilton also said there are several online resources that can tell you if an app is safe for your kids or not. Protecting children on the internet requires parents to be proactive and take a look at what their kids are using.

Just because the app icon looks cute or cartoonish doesn’t mean your child should be using it. According to a report by the pew research center over 70% of kids ages 13-17 use some sort of social media.