ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Lauderdale County Elementary School (LCES) administrators hosted a surprise celebration for their secretary, who has been nominated for a state award.

Linda Tidwell, the LCES secretary, was named Secretary of the Year for their district earlier this year. As part of the award, she has also been nominated to become Secretary of the Year in Alabama.

LCES principal Casey Tate told News 19 that Tidwell was an obvious choice for the award.

“When the email came across the asking for secretary of the year nominations, I immediately thought about nominating Miss Tidwell, mainly just because of her faithfulness and dedication,” Tate said. “She is in her 27th year in the same position, and you just don’t see that a lot in education.”

Tidwell told News 19 that she didn’t even know about the award until she was nominated, and she’s thankful for the school’s support.

“I’ve got enough years that I could retire, and sometimes I would think about that,” Tidwell said. “And then when I’m home I think ‘no, I want to be at school, or I want to be with my school family, with the children.’ I just do it because I love it.”

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The award is given by the Council For Leaders In Alabama Schools. They will announce the winner at a luncheon, which will be held in Huntsville this December.