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FLORENCE, Ala. — The University of North Alabama continues its Year of the UNA Woman celebration with the release of a special edition of UNA Magazine.

The Spring 2021 edition is the only known issue entirely produced and edited by women. It details the contributions women have made to the university throughout its 150 years of coeducation.

Inside, readers will also learn about the start of the college of nursing and notable alumnae like Ann Berry, a 1978 graduate who made history as the eighth woman and first African American Secretary of the Senate.

“In this issue, we looked at what got us to 150 years of women at UNA and I think that’s what’s so significant too about it,” UNA Communications and Marketing Director Michelle Eubanks said. “It was a little bit of both, the female-produced issue but also that it brought us to where we are so that that sets the stage for the next issue—where we are now at UNA in 2021, and then that will be the third issue, 2022, and the next 150 years and how women in academia and athletics and all aspects of academic life are evolving and changing and very much the future.”

Copies of the magazine can be found on campus in Rogers Hall. UNA alumni should receive a copy in the mail.