KILLEN, Ala. (WHNT) — Lauderdale County Sheriff Joe Hamilton has released a statement saying that a Killen police officer has been arrested following a “misconduct” investigation.

Killen Police Chief Bryan Hammond told News 19 Thursday that one of his officers, Jarrod Webster, was on leave while the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) investigated misconduct allegations.

On the evening of November 12, LCSO received a call from Crestwood Medical Center stating a female patient disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted by a Killen police officer during a traffic stop early that morning, according to the sheriff’s statement.

Due to the allegation of a police officer being involved in a sexual assault while on duty, Lauderdale County investigators began a joint investigation with the FBI.

Throughout the course of the investigation, it was determined there was enough evidence to take the case to the Lauderdale County Grand Jury, which was currently in session. The statement said that after hearing the evidence, the jury voted to issue an indictment for Webster for first-degree sodomy and first-degree rape on November 17.

Webster was taken into custody on Friday afternoon and is being held at Lauderdale County Detention Center, without bond under Aniah’s Law, pending a hearing at a later date.

The chief said that he would be doing his own investigation in conjunction with LCSO to determine the officer’s employment status. He said that investigation will include him consulting with investigators before making a determination on if the officer will continue to work with the police department.

When News 19 asked Chief Hammond about Webster’s employment status, he stated that the officer was still on administrative leave, however, a formal statement would be given Monday.