150 New Jobs Announced For Shoals

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – A new manufacturing facility is coming to the Shoals, at a price tag of $19 million.  Owners of the new plant say the decision to locate in Florence is due largely in part to the people there.

Tuesday morning, dozens gathered under a white tent on a 12-acre tract of land in Florence Industrial Park.  They were there for a jobs announcement that could have a lasting impact.  

Tasus Alabama says construction will begin soon on a 100,000-square foot manufacturing facility to build plastic components for assorted vehicles.

“It’s everything from a power steering reservoir, to headlight housings, to lenses, headlight lenses and tail-light lenses, to under hood components,” said Tasus President Melanie Hart.

Hart says they had to prepare for growth as a company considering the expansion of the automotive industry in the southeast.

And she says they felt very comfortable calling the Shoals home.

“Florence, at least I found it, to be a very welcoming town. And I think that anybody who comes here will feel that way,” said Hart. “And when you can feel that, about where you are going to put a business, it’s just the most important thing to really running a business.”

Governor Robert Bentley took part in the festivities.  He says the announcement is a reflection of his goal to put Alabama near the top of automotive manufacturers in the United States.

“It’s been a major part of what we’ve created in what we call ‘Accelerate Alabama’,” said Governor Bentley.  “It’s a major part of the 11 industries that we think we need to concentrate on in this state.”

Tasus Alabama will be setting up shop in a leased space until a permanent plant is completed.  Production should begin by November.

Once the company reaches full production, Tasus Alabama plans to employ more than 150 workers.

Company leaders hope to have the new plant operational within a year.

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