Jimmy Hughes Day festival to honor living legend and shine a light on Leighton


LEIGHTON, Ala. — The Town of Leighton is home to several legends who have made their mark in Shoals history. From musicians to athletes, like Percy Sledge and Leon Douglas, their legacies continue on but Mayor Derick Silcox would like to see that their hometown isn’t forgotten.

That’s why on Saturday, June 12, the town will be celebrating its inaugural Jimmy Hughes Day festival.

“We had already planned some different events for the summer so we decided to just turn our first event into the Jimmy Hughes Day so we could celebrate a living legend,” Silcox said.

Hughes made his debut to the music scene in the early 1960s, paving the way for other artists and helping to solidify the eventual booming music industry of The Shoals.

Music Preservation Society President Tori Bailey called that a reason to celebrate.

“Jimmy Hughes is a history maker, and for us to be able to show him that appreciation—we have entirely too many of our music icons who are not appreciated until after they’re gone,” Bailey said. “Jimmy’s here; let’s appreciate him while he’s here.”

District 3 Councilman Joel Hogans said the festival will not only honor Hughes but will also turn eyes to Leighton as part a movement to move the town forward.

“It’s just giving us a chance to show what all Leighton has to offer and it also shows that we do love and like to recognize our iconic legends that are still with us today,” Hogans said.

Silcox and Hogans added that this event will be the beginning of what they hope to be new growth for the town.

The Jimmy Hughes Day festival will begin Saturday at noon along Main Street in downtown Leighton. Attendees can look forward to local food vendors, art, and even a live performance by The Midnighters.

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