‘I got scared.’ Residents share concerns after hearing officer-involved shooting


COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – One person is dead after a police officer-involved shooting in Colbert County early Tuesday morning. Residents said they heard the gunfight right outside their bedroom.

There was no crime scene tape Tuesday afternoon at Trenholm Heights Apartments in Tuscumbia, but gunshots scuffed the back of one home overnight. Anita Wallace said it happened right outside her door.

“Well I was in the bed asleep and all of a sudden I heard some gunshots go off, and I jumped up and said ‘my God,’ I said ‘I head a shotgun,'” said Wallace.

Tuscumbia Police officials said a suspicious person was banging on random doors at the complex in the middle of the night. When officers arrived on scene, police said the person started firing at police. Investigators did not release the person’s identity.

“I panicked,” said Wallace. “I got scared, so I got up.”

It even frightened her husband, Jene Staples. “The gunshot was right here,” said Staples. “It was so close you hear it about 5 or 6 times.”

Police said the person ran out of the complex and started firing at officers again. That person was shot during the crossfire and died. No other person was hurt.

“I’m just glad he didn’t shoot in our house,” said Wallace. “Cause right there by the window – we had our window up about 6 inches, 7 inches to let the cool air come in. He could have easily shot in that window and killed both of us and my little granddaughter.”

The case is now under the jurisdiction of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s State Bureau of Investigation. Officials with the State Bureau of Investigation said once their investigation is complete, they’ll hand over the findings to the Colbert County District Attorney’s Office.

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