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FLORENCE, Ala. — The Homeless Care Council of Northwest Alabama launched its annual fundraiser aimed at keeping the homeless community hydrated during summer.

The virtual Hydrate the Homeless fundraiser began on July 1 and continues through July 31.

Executive director Ashley Smith said money raised will be used to purchase bottled water that will then be distributed to centers and shelters across the council’s 6-county service area.

“The homeless population kind of gets overlooked and these summer months are cruel, so we kind of feel like having a virtual drive is an easy way for the community to get involved,” Smith said. “It’s a simple donation and then we do the work for you.”

Smith said last year, the council raised around $600 which supplied more than 4,000 bottles of water. That goal has increased to $1,000 for 2021.

Donations are collected through the Homeless Care Council of Northwest Alabama Facebook page via Facebook Pay. To be redirected, click here.