Green Hill man’s act of kindness goes a long way after EF-1 tornado hits area


LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — Wednesday marks one week since an EF-1 tornado touched down in the Green Hill community in Lauderdale County. The storm damaged homes and knocked down countless trees.

Following the storm, many began to clean up their yards, but one man’s efforts expanded well beyond his own front porch.

Kirk Clemmons, along with Parker Sparkman and Glen Bogus brought the equipment and elbow grease to help clear the Collier’s property.

“We called Kirk and he brought a tractor and two guys and a chainsaw with him and cut the trees out where we could get out of our driveway,” said Green Hill resident Johnny Collier.

Collier is a country music artist who goes on tour often. The tornado hit just one day before his current tour.

“We still got to clean up when we get back home; he may have the tree out of the yard but we still have a lot of work to do when we get back,” said Collier

Johnny said this wasn’t the first time Clemmons looked out for him. While on another tour, his home was burglarized. “Kirk came and saved me from that; he cleaned what was left out of my house and the studio, the recording studio, still had all my guitars and equipment, he cleaned all that out and carried it back to his house,” said Collier.

Johhny said he’s grateful for his neighbor’s kindness and willingness to help others. It’s an attitude he says is shared by most in the community of Green Hill.

Collier added, “I just love my neighbors and love living in Green Hill.”

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