Governor Kay Ivey awards Florence for its environmental efforts

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FLORENCE, Ala. – The City of Florence is receiving statewide recognition for its environmental efforts. Every year in March, volunteers come together for a City-Wide Clean-Up Day.

They join forces to clean up the streets, parks, creeks, and even their own neighborhoods. Governor Kay Ivey noticed their hard work and she, along with People Against a Littered State (PALS) named Florence the winner of the Governor’s Award City Category.

“This belongs to all of us that participated, it’s not just a city thing,” said David Koonce, Solid Waste, Street, and Recycling Manager. “The community really comes together and helps us; there’s a lot of sponsors that help Florence do what we do in cleaning our city up and so it’s nice for all of us to be recognized for trying to make a difference.”

The next City-Wide Clean-Up will be March 14, 2020. Groups and individuals may register now by emailing or online at Eventbrite.

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